Tuesday, 12 June 2018

#Throwback Birthday

Recently, i was talking to a friend(reader) regarding birthday surprise and he kind of reminded me, about my missing post on my birthday this year. I have to be honest, it was kind of boring.

Like i said before, i got caught selling my panties and it costed my freedom, which included the birthday party and the daredevil lists that was planned by CY and Carissa. Although she didn't tell me fully about the "exciting" plan but base on her tone and hints, i had high expectation. What i can said was, it will be dangerous and chances are high that i will need to be in my birthday suit. CY is always CY. Loves to torture me when she has the chances.

Regarding my birthday celebration this year, it was just a normal family dinner with cakes. Yup, i had 2 cakes in total as the girls somehow brought it too. It was a plan to sneak me out but in the end, my mom wanted me to be back home by 12am. Kind of sad but we did had our fun.

We didn't do anything kinky when we are at the park which was near to my place and we also kind of suspected that my mom was stalking us ( i didn't get to ask her at all ). Just normal photo taking and gathering. Still my favorite type of gathering.

The going home part was sad and fun as i was told to complete at least one out of the twenty two dares. (Thanks to Carissa and her pestering twins,Charmaine.) The dare required me to remove my panties while standing near to the letterbox which was kind of bright but i managed to do it. So can you imagine how fast i have to be.

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