Thursday, 19 June 2014

Swimming day

Just now, i went swimming with Charmaine and CY...It was a very last min plan as CY and i had planned to go for cycling but was stopped and changed to swimming. Thanks to Charmaine.

About 11 plus, we decided to go Tampines Swimming complex. Since it was not that far from my house, wearing the swimsuit will do.  I tied up my hair and wore a Navy Adidas 3-stripes One-piece Swimsuit (Brought during the Adidas sale, few years back but didn't wear it), together with my Red Elmo T-shirt and black denim shorts. I packed my goggles, towel and went off. 

Just before i stepped out of my house, my sixth sense told me, something is wrong but i just can't remember what is it. As i was rushing, i just closed the door and went off.  Lucky for me, the bus arrived at the same time when i reaches the bus-stop. Arrived at Tampines inter and CY was already standing at the arrival area. She was wearing a Denim shirt( i guess), accompanied with a denim shorts. As i was walking towards her, i realized that she didn't bring any bag or stuff. She claimed that she forgotten and left it at home and since her house was far from Tampines, i agreed to share with her. 

We went off straight and met Charmaine at the complex. She was wearing a black MANGO Tee with a denim shorts. and luckily she did bring her own bag.  If not, 1 towel will have to be share within 3 of us...   

We went towards the adult pool and there wasn't many people, maybe 3 to 4 only. We undress ourselves near to the locker area as we wore it inside.  CY reveal herself with a blue Tankini swimsuit (Tankini is a two-piece swimsuit that offers more coverage than a typical bikini, most tankinis cover a large portion of the stomach area, leaving just a small visible strip of skin between the top and bottom of the suit.) and for Charmaine , she wore a purple Bikini set. We packed our clothes into the locket, together with our bags and slippers and went straight to the pool. 

We started with some warm-up stroke to prevent leg cramps and stuff. About 3 rounds, when CY complaints that she was tired and requested to rest at one of the corner. We didn't rest for long before Charmaine asked us to continue. 

Roughly around 1.50pm, we stopped and went up to the Tanning area. We settled down at the very end as there are some guys at the middle area. CY and i were talking about the life-guard we saw, but Charmaine was on her front, trying to tan her back. She fallen asleep as we tried to talk her her but there was no reply. That's when the fun starts! Actually i wasn't think of doing anything to her, but CY kept nudged me. So in the end, we decide to prank Charmaine. 

We got up silently and moved towards her. Since she was wearing a Bikini, it is easier for us to just untied her top, which is kind of boring. So with the final plan, we untied both her top and bottom. Amazingly, she didn't realized and was sleeping soundly. 

CY and i was giggling and went back to our seats. About 10 to 15 min, CY couldn't wait for it any longer so we decided to wake Charmaine up. Purposely, we acted like we received a call and talked loudly, and the plan works. Charmaine was woke up from the noise we made and when she turn her head towards us, we stood up immediately, acting like we are in the rush. She panicked and followed us.  Hehe..and there she was, standing in her birthday suit. She screamed and squatted down immediately. Thanks to her scream, it attracted attentions from the swimmers and life-guards. We went over and covered her with the towel while she tried to wear back her bikini. 

As soon as she was done, she scolded us but we were laughing like crazy woman. We tried to apologize and even agree to treat her for dinner but she declined. In the end, she agreed to forgive us if we can do the things she said. and both of us agreed with no choice.

We went straight to shower room and when i was unpacking my stuff,  it was then i realized that i had forgot to bring my bra and panties!!!Damn it!!! I told CY about it and the best part is, she didn't bring too. I was like " oh yea, she doesn't even have a bag!!"  

With no choice, we went to bath and wear back our clothes without bra and panties. Luckily, my shirt was slightly loose so it doesn't really show much of my nipples. But for CY, she was so used to not wearing a bra, so she was kind of okay with it, plus she was wearing a denim shirt so it doesn't portray her nipple but just cleavage. 

I was teasing CY when Charmaine came out. She changed into another shirt, a pink tank-top with a Blue sport bra and a White high-waist shorts.
We managed to go to Tampines mall and have our dinner and luckyily, we didn't catch much attention. Even after dinner, the time was still early so we went around and shop. 

In the end, we shopped until 9 plus before heading home. Best part, Charmaine forgotten about her punishment for us..hehehe

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