Sunday, 15 June 2014

Repost : Library

Finally, June holiday is here^^... sorry for not updating frequently as JC2 is really busy and stressful. Sometimes, we seems to be playing and stuff but the fact is we do studies too. Now, using a bit of time, let me update(s) before the war start!!!

That day, i woke up as early as 8am when is on a Saturday. (I plan to go to library early so confirm will have seat ) Saturday morning, even my parents were still asleep, and yet i was up and preparing to go out. I wore a shirt and denim shorts, and went out.(Of course with my bra and panty) I went straight to the library without taking any breakfast as my plan was to leave my bag there to reserve a seat before having my breakfast. I took the bus and surprisingly, i reached the library at 9 sharp, which just well they just open the main door. I went in and "chopped" my seat and went off for my breakfast.

It was about 9.30am when i returned back to the library. Surprisingly, it was not crowded yet, so the whole table is mine^^.(4 person table). I proceed with my textbooks and test papers until CY WP me, which was about 12noon. She claim that she might be coming down to join me but in the end, no further update from her. Roughly about 2 pm, it started to rain and the whole library turns into a freezer. Luckily, i forgot to take out my jacket last night, if not i will be as good as a frozen specimen.

At first, i was still able to concentrate on my books but was lost to the coldness of the library. I felt my nipple became hardened and it was touching onto the bra's fabric. Whenever i move, my nipple rub against the fabric and that's how i got aroused!  I crossed my legs for few times but my vagina was too" itchy" and warm. i tried to maintain but in the end, i give up! I went to the female toilet, locked the door and start to remove my shorts. At the start, i touches myself with my panty on( just in case). Not even 5 min, i was wet but sadly there are people waiting outside and i have to be fast. Unsatisfied, i pulled down my panty, removed my bra and wore back my shirt and shorts with jacket. I hided my bra and panty in the pocket of my jacket and went back to my seat. When i was back on my seat, I secretly put my bra and panty into my bag. Starting, it was like so exciting as there are so many people around me, but it didn't last long. I was getting bored!!

As my table is near to the corner, not much people will be walking past. After observing for a few mins, i decided to bring it further. i unzip my shorts and slowly remove it. Within few mins, my shorts was down on the floor..hehe..Okay, that was the most crazier thing i had done, if i was caught, i might get stomped or maybe even police case. I carefully bring up my shorts and slide it into my bag. As my seat is facing out, people who was facing me might see my pussy, so i crossed my leg and sat there for a few mins to observe, but it doesn't last long again!! I slide my hand back into the jacket and started to touch myself.( Yea, i know is crazy to touch myself in library, but it was really exciting and that day i was really horny.) I moved myself to the opposite, which was facing the wall but what shocked me was, when i stood up i can see my own pussy as the jacket is not long enough to cover. I quickly move over and settled down. I settled down with my butt touching the cold chair causing me to be more aroused and wet, plus i think i did caught some attention.I maintained for a while, but in the end, failed again.

In order not to create big action and more attention, i slide back my right hand into my jacket and slowly moved down to touch my pussy.(Okay, i was really smart at this stuff)  I rubbed my clit and play with the labia. Not for long  my fingers starts to get wet. I told myself that i have to stop playing, but i can't..In the end, i stopped and start packing my stuff.( Did manage to wear back my shorts). When i pushes in the chair, i saw a big patch of moisture on the chair..hehe..I quickly went off and went back home, hided in my room and continue from where i paused..


  1. a real dare devil ^_* would love to watch you in action

  2. Nice ..Wish i was at the library...hehe :))