Saturday, 14 April 2018

Days in Malacca

Hey guys. i just came back yesterday from Malacca. Forced to attend my cousin's wedding with my parents. I will update multiple stories ( kind of linked ) on this post, but it will be as short as my shorts, and as sweet as my juices..hehe

On the day of departing, i went commando ( pantyless ) throughout the whole journey from SG to Malacca. Not that i had planned anything extreme, but i just feel that i should get comfortable and maybe some kinky time in the coach since it was a 4 to 5 hours trip, but i ended up sleeping throughout the journey.

When we arrived, it was already 4 to 5pm, lucky my other cousin came to pick us up. He was slightly tanned, muscular but kind of old for me. We went back to his house and was welcomed by my aunts and cousins. Not that we are far apart but i only get to see them once or twice a year.

They provided us a room on the second level and it was two times bigger than my room, with a attached toilet. My mom thought that it was master bedroom but the fact is, it was just a guest room. Lmao..
Although it was big, but they only provided us with 2 bed as i came at a last min notice. In the end, i was given a mattress, those type that is suitable for babies. However thanks to the soft mattress, i managed to masturbate and orgasms multiple times. It was thrilling, but spine-chilling. I didn't do anything extreme but only targeted on my clit and due to the absence of panties, my FBT shorts was completely wet which i had to change it to a new pair. There were wet spot on the mattress too

The next morning was worst. Due to the energy draining orgasms and late sleep, I totally forgotten that i was not at home and went down for breakfast without wearing a bra. My mom was so triggered but due to others, she had to maintain her tone, but i can sense that i am in big trouble. In the end, i was 'punished' to sleep with bra on for the rest of the nights..hais...

On the wedding day, i considered myself as a good decent girl. With a normal black long dress, which covered all the way to my ankle. My mom was quite pleased with my outfit that she began to find fault on my dad. who wore a normal tee shirt and pants..Kind of like a uncle outfit..Hehe
I also managed to drink with my dad during dinner time, and did something extremely freaky. I remembered i removed my panties and placed in my bag when i went to the ladies but when i reached home, my panties was missing.
I can't really remember much but i do have some remembrance that i cleaned my mouth with a white cloth before leaving the place. Was it my panties or just a piece of cloth napkin???

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