Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy 2016

                   Happy 2016 to you guys. 

Yo guys, it's time to write 2016 but not 2015 already:) I bet some will still be writing 2015. 2015 was a meaningful and life-changing year for me. For those who had been updating with my blog, will understand what i meant, but for those who doesn't, go and read it. Hahaha
I did enjoyed myself through it and i hope you guys had a fruitful 2015 same as me and have your new targets and goals for year 2016.( I do have lots of goals to accomplish )

Sorry for wishing so late as i just woke up from my "pay-back" sleep. I was awake for more than 28hours, i guess. Went for countdown party at the float, followed by some Clubs and i reaches home at only 11am. (Lucky my mom knew i was going out with my girls)

We didn't really party for whole night. Went to the twin's house to sleepover since it was nearer. Crazy indeed...Hahaha....Hope you guys had enjoy the day same as me^^


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